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Exciting Writing by Paddy Gormley
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Exciting Writing by Paddy Gormley
Welcome to Paddy Gormley's Exciting Writng
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Paddy Gormley is actively seeking a publisher for Language with Altitude, "an inspirational new approach to creative and analytical writing". Private imprint copies are available to potential publishers. Click below for details.

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Paddy Gormley has been writing professionally since the late 1970s.  The diversity of his output reflects his remarkable portfolio career spanning business, teaching and the performing arts. 

He has been using the Exciting Writing tag since the Millennium, when he began teaching Exciting Writing evening classes for adult creative writers. The first Exciting Writing website was designed to provide on-line resources for course participants. The site has expanded over the years to include a broad range of Paddy Gormley's Exciting Writing projects, including plays, radio talks and books; some completed, others in progress;  many seeking production or publication.

The Social Climber,
Paddy Gormley's adaptation of
Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (Molière),
was produced in 2011 by
Logos Theatre Company, who also published the script.
Click below to review the project and/or buy a script.

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The other pages of this site
include details of and links
to Paddy Gormley's many
writing projects, often with illustrative click-to-play recordings and PDF downloads. 

The Exciting Writing website shows how: 

  • PG may be able to help your business by writing excitingly for you or reviewing your text:  speeches, editorial, promotional materials, website copy, etc. 
  • You can support Paddy Gormley's Exciting Writing with project funding, public speaking or production / publishing opportunities.



The principal features of Paddy Gormley's Exciting Writing style are clarity, quality of language and use of humour. 

    He is acutely aware of the need to capture readers'/listeners' attention immediately, and to maintain the engagement with every sentence.  This is particularly important when writing for radio or the internet:  radio listeners and website visitors have got to be hooked if they're to be persuaded to stay more a few seconds.  PG uses thought-provoking ideas and short sentences. 
    Paddy Gormley's language is both evocative and innovative.  He is particularly skilled at devising apt metaphors that engage the imagination by encouraging readers and listeners to create their own pictures in the mind's eye.  His inventive style (underpinned by simple techniques such as assonance and word-play) is designed to increase readers' and listeners' enjoyment of the text itself and, ultimately, to make his messages more memorable. 
    Even PG's use of humour is purposeful.  His work in business and teaching has led him to the conclusions that persuasion is primarily governed by emotion rather than intellect, and that people are more likely to be persuaded when they are in a positive frame of mind.  Humour makes us happier and, accordingly, more receptive to persuasive communications. 


The click-to-play audio recording below illustrates not only Paddy Gormley's qualities as a speech-maker, but also his ability to offer new insights based on strategic and economic thinking.

Paddy Gormley's development as a writer owes much to his relationship (since 1999) with Actors & Writers London. The drama/fiction page of this website features many recordings of performances by AWL colleagues. 



Paddy Gormley can deliver high quality, truly exciting writing that meets the specific demands of any medium:   his huge output of published and unpublished work includes articles, books, research reports, conference presentations, websites, radio talks, after-dinner speeches, theatre plays, radio plays, short stories, teaching materials, verse, poetry and philosophical writing. 

PG's work has appeared in publications as diverse as Music & Musicians magazine (he was a regular contributor for several years in the late 1970s and 1980s) and the Financial Times, writing occasional articles for the paper's Inside Track page. 

One of his poems has appeared in The Independent newspaper's Poem of the Day column. 

His first independent research reports (into large companies' attitudes to solicitors) gained coverage in the national press, including The Times and Daily Telegraph

His public speaking has ranged from Actors & Writers London (London's leading professional play-reading group: see left) to the Guildhall in the City of London (where he was the star turn at a major dinner for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). 

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