Misanthrope 2:  Molière mistranslated by Paddy Gormley
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Misanthrope II is Paddy Gormley's mistranslation of Molière's masterpiece, Le Misanthrope

This page features audio-visual and printable information about the play, including audio excerpts and photography from the rehearsed reading of Misanthrope II by Actors & Writers London in March 2008, directed by Martin Cort


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Martin Cort is actively seeking a producer for Misanthrope II, which he considers to be an exceptionally brilliant script. 

His audio introduction to Misanthrope II is available on CD to potential producers on request. The programme is liberally illustrated with excerpts from a digital recording of the Actors & Writers London reading. 

Click on the image below to hear the opening track of the CD. 

Contact Martin Cort to request your own copy of the CD or for further information:



Scroll down the page for a full cast list, with links to the actors' personal websites or pages on the Actors & London website. 


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In Misanthrope II, Paddy Gormley alters the character of Philinte to be more confrontational than Molière's original.  Specifically, this Philinte is intent on persuading Alceste to give up his misanthropy in favour of more agreeable behaviour. Whilst Misanthrope II reflects the scenes and speeches of Molière's text, therefore, Paddy Gormley takes considerable liberties with the characterisation. 

Click on the image below for a 7-page PDF, including Gormley's foreword to the script and a series of excerpts in which the text of Misanthrope is presented side by side with the corresponding text from Le Misanthrope

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The cast of the Actors & Writers London reading of Misanthrope II was as follows.

Peter Sutton
Rob Blackwood
Mike Goodenough
Lizzy Pattinson
Maggie Stride
Julie Bevan
James Price
Lewis Rae
Du Bois
Lee Peck
Assistant Director
Stephanie Connell
Martin Cort
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