The Importance of Being Frank is Paddy Gormley's adaptation, in rhyming verse, of Oscar Wilde's masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest

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The Importance of Being Frank: ensemble shot
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The Importance of Being Frank is a light-hearted subversion of the plot of Oscar Wilde's famous play. Whereas Wilde's play begins in London and proceeds to Woolton, Paddy Gormley begins with an adaptation of Wilde's Act 2, in which Cecily finds the calling card of Bad Cousin Ernest and decides to go to London in search of him.  The plot never recovers, but many of Wilde's famous lines and ideas take on new context and meaning. 

This adaptation requires a cast of eight:  Cecily, Gwendolen, Lady Bracknell, Miss Prisim, Algernon, Jack, Chasuble and Lane.  The running time is approximately seventy minutes with an optional interval. 

The audio excerpts below are taken from the rehearsed reading by Actors & Writers London in June 2009, directed by Martin Cort. Copies of the full recording are available to would-be producers of the play. 

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