The Social Climber: world premiere production shots

The world premiere production of The Social Climber, by Logos Theatre Company, featured 23 performances of the play Upstairs at the Gatehouse, London N6, from 4th - 29th October 2011.

The director was Kenneth Michaels.

Production photography is by Monia Antonioli. All rights reserved.

The llighting designer was Edmund Sutton.

Monsieur Jourdain's costumes were designed by Michael Baldwin.

The Social Climber is now available for professional and amateur production. Address all enquiries to Paddy Gormley.

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Monsieur Jourdain, social climber
Peter Saracen
Madame Jourdain, his wife
Maggie Turner
Lucile, their daughter
Gabrielle Douglas
Nicole, servant
Nadia Ostacchini
Cléonte, in love with Lucile
Phil Gerrard
Covielle, valet to Cléonte
Rhys Lawton
Dorante, Count, in love with Dorimène
Roger Sansom
Dorimène, Marquise
Lindsey Readman
Music Master
Rosemary Francis
Dancing Master
Lindsey Readman
Philosophy Master
Jackie Skarvellis
Fencing Master
Rhys Lawton
Jackie Skarvellis
Dancers from the Rona Hart School of Dance
The Social Climber: audio and audio-visual resources

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The Social Climber: buy the playscript

The playscript is published by Logos Theatre Company (128 pp, B-format, ISBN 978-0-9569678-0-0; rrp £7.99).

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Click the image above for a facsimile PDF of the first ten pages of the script. These demonstrate the exceptionally taut metrical scheme and the quality of the illustrations.


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The Social Climber: spread the word

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The Social Climber: useful links
  • Actors & Writers London, who gave the first reading and lots of encouragement
  • The trustees of Logos Theatre Company, who took up the project so quickly and wholeheartedly
  • Michael Baldwin, who created the costume designs and other artwork
  • Amber Raney-Kincade, who led the sponsorship drive
  • Stephanie Connell, who promoted the project on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tricolore Theatre Company, the project cheerleaders, who helped stimulate international interest in the project
  • French Radio London, who featured The Social Climber in their weekly arts programme (audio recording above)
  • The European Bookshop, London W1, who hosted a Q&A about the published playscript (audio recording above)
  • Librairie la Page and Institut Français who helped with the publicity
Paddy Gormley gratefully acknowledges the support of the wonderful friends without whom the world premiere production, the published playscript and this website would never have happened. (Click any link for the corresponding website)
Actors & Writers London Logos Theatre Company Michael Baldwin
Amber Raney-Kincade Stephanie Connell

Tricolore Theatre Company

Lbrairie la Page

French Radio London The European Bookshop, London Institut Français Royaume Uni