In his Write Minded radio talks, Paddy Gormley explains his passion for radio by showing how radio is the only truly hands-free medium for imaginative communication. 

He goes on to take listeners on a journey into their own imaginations, giving a detailed, metaphorical explanation of the creative process and providing a series of tools that listeners can easily use to enhance their own creative thinking.

As the Write Minded series progresses, Paddy Gormley good-humouredly urges listeners to give up television in favour of more imaginative pursuits.

Write Minded is engaging, entertaining, informative and thought-provoking. Paddy Gormley's style is very personal, making the listener feel that the talks are for him or her alone.

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The Write Minded talks are fully scripted and broadcast quality recordings are available.  Each talk has a running time of 14'28", but may be re-edited on request to fit any quarter-hour slot.

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Old-fashioned as it may seem, radio is here to stay because, unlike television, it demands imagination. We can begin to understand the imagination with the help of simple metaphors. spacer
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Since imagined images are not perceived through the senses, they must come from memory. Memories based on the same pattern are linked together, with complex interlinkages between patterns of memories. spacer
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Creative thinking begins when we call up memories to take the place of missing information (This process is known as inductive thinking). We use deductive thinking to refine our ideas. Both processes, though controllable, are instinctive. spacer
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Inductive and deductive thinking are as inseparable as breathing in and breathing out. Controlled use of inductive and deductive thought processes makes creative writing easy. spacer
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The degree of engagement with listeners' or readers' imagination may be greatly increased through the use of evocative words and metaphors and the deliberate creation of subtext. spacer
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The intellect is moved by thought-provoking arguments. Instinct, though illiterate, responds to patterns such as ryhthm and assonance. Persuasion is not possible unless the instincts are agreeable. spacer
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